About The Team

Macy Miller is an English Major at the United States Air Force Academy from Orlando, Florida. She is a proud member of Cadet Squadron 4, Fightin’ Fourth, and currently the Group One Public Affairs Officer.  Macy declared English the fall of her third degree year, thanks to Captain Sean Purio. Her junior year she was one of the editors for Icarus and will be Icarus’ Chief Editor for the 2017-2018 edition. Macy is very passionate about creating a forum where cadets are able to express themselves through literature, photography, painting, or even music. She hopes to expand the horizons for the journal while encouraging students to share their talents with the rest of the Cadet Wing and Faculty.

Jacqueline Parker is a First Class Cadet at the United States Air Force Academy majoring in English. She is a Flight Commander for Cadet Squadron 19, the Wolverines. At the Academy Jacqueline is involved with mentorship programs and the Cadet Bowling League. Her studies as an English Major have led her to develop an interest in Digital Humanities. This interest brought her to British Columbia, Canada for a two week long course in Digital Humanities. After graduation, Jacqueline hopes to train as an RPA pilot.

Prof Newmiller has a long-time interest in technology and the humanities. As the Editor for Electronic Publishing for the War, Literature & the Arts: An International Journal of the Humanities, he has managed the domain wlaJournal.com for over two decades. In addition to his teaching of composition, literature, and public speaking at the Air Force Academy, he is also a full stack web developer. A retired Air Force command pilot, he has logged over 4800 hours in various military aircraft.


The Department of English and Fine Arts believes that critical and imaginative thinking and clear, effective communication are the foundations of outstanding leadership, both inside and outside the Air Force.

Academy cadets engage in literary texts spanning three millennia and numerous cultural traditions. They grapple with some of the most perplexing questions of the human condition: What does it mean to be human? What are the sources of human greatness and human depravity? Why do we yearn, through literature and art, to share our stories with others, and why is it vital to listen to these stories in a complex and interconnected world?

Ultimately, we aim to develop warrior-scholars whose conceptions of leadership are buttressed by wisdom—a wisdom captured and communicated by literature and art.