Wax & Feathers to Make Wings

Oct 25, 2017

Jacqueline and I are done with scanning in all 40 (We found 1994 in the special library’s collection in the Academy’s library!) journals. 

We have combined all the individual scans into one cohesive document per journal. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro allows us to run a text recognition program on the documents, so now users are allowed to Ctrl + F to search through the document for specific words. It also allows our literature analysis program to work. This is how we did it!

This is a single page of the journal. Each page was individually downloaded from the Icarus e-mail  that was sent from the scanner.  With each individual page downloaded from e-mail, in Adobe, there is an option to combine files under the ‘Pages’ tool.

The files are selected and highlighted.

  We checked the order of the pages to ensure that once combined, the journal is in numerical order. Then we wait for Adobe to combine the files into a ‘Binder.’

Under the ‘Text Recognition’ tool, we ran ‘In This File’ and chose ‘All.’ Adobe will now go through each page to turn the scanned pictures of the journal into an interactive document!

As you can see, users are no able to Ctrl + F (Find) certain words. And more importantly, our literary analysis tool Voyant.

We are using an online program called Voyant Tools. We hope to be able to use this program to compare the journals side by side, looking at word frequency in particular. Most of the literary analysis will be made by Jacqueline and I but based off of the data we are able to collect by Voyant. Check out our next post to learn more about the literary analysis we’ve going to do!

We are both so excited to be done scanning and on to the next stage of the project. I think there is so much that we can learn from the past journals that tells us a lot about the culture of the Academy throughout the ages.


Remember to check out our Archive  page to see all the past Icarus journals!

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