The Ascent of Our Flight

November 10, 2017

The “pre-flight” process has been long and tedious. Let’s recap what our team has completed thus far:

  1. Collect all Icarus Journals
  2. Created an inventory of all the years that there were no published journals
  3. Scan in each hard-copy of the journal
  4. Assemble cohesive .PDFs of each journal
  5. Run text recognition through each journal
  6. Completed the online Archive 


Disclaimer:  That may mean something different for you than literary analysis, but hey, this is what we love to do!

Yes, time to actually dig into the meat of Icarus. As mentioned in our last post, we used Voyant Tools to run chunks of our journals through in order to find similarities among the journals.

Here is how we organized it, and the links to the Voyant corpus!

1965-1969:        Cirrus      Bubblelines      Trends

1970-1974:        Cirrus      Bubblelines      Trends

1975-1979:        Cirrus      Bubblelines      Trends

1980-1984:        Cirrus      Bubblelines      Trends

1985-1989:        Cirrus      Bubblelines      Trends

1990-1994:        Cirrus      Bubblelines      Trends

1995-1999:        Cirrus      Bubblelines      Trends

2000-2002:        Cirrus      Bubblelines      Trends

2010-2016:        Cirrus      Bubblelines      Trends  

1995-2002:        Cirrus      Bubblelines      Trends


We are going to be looking more closely to the specific word frequency (as pleasantly seen in Cirrus) historical influence of the time period, and how similar words were used over a vast period of time.

We get more into the details in our following post!


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