Assembling the Feathers

AUG 14- 18, 2017


Jacqueline and I didn’t waste much time. We fingered through the two column bookshelf in the English Department’s library and grabbed all the printed copies of Icarus. While we were making our piles of books we stumbled upon three other books that claimed to be published works from cadets. Chandelles, Daedalus, and Wingover. We knew that our main focus would be Icarus, but decided we also wanted to investigate these three as well.


After gathering each version of Icarus, Daedalus, Chandelles, and Wingover, we ordered the publications by year. Icarus started from 1965. We have at least one version from each year until 2002. There is a gap of published works until 2010. However, we do know that there was an online only version created but we have yet to dive into that, yet.


This is pretty self explanatory. We counted how many of each edition we had and transcribed it into an excel sheet. We plan to use this information for more of a literary analysis.

Icarus Years


Next Steps & Initial questions:

  1. When did Icarus officially start?
  2. When did it go digital?
  3. What years do not have publications?
  4. What are the differences between Wingover, Chandelles, Daedalus?
  5. Are we able to retrieve the online archives?
  6. Why do some years have more printed copies than others? What does that say about the importance of literature at those times?


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