2018 Digital Humanities Photography Contest

The Air Force Academy Digital Humanities Center sponsored the 2018 Digital Photo Contest for cadets enrolled in the Fine Arts Photography  Class. Many of the photos were displayed in the Annual Cadet Art Exhibit featured in the Academy’s Permanent Professors’ Art Gallery, which is available online as a virtual tour.

The Red Badge of Courage Project

A multi-year project to create an online critical edition of Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage, this project uses high-resolution images of Crane’s handwritten manuscripts. Project editors are working in the primary editing stage, where they are noting the alternations made to the original manuscript before it was published.

War, Literature & the Arts: An International Journal of the Humanities

For almost three decades we have published short fiction, poetry, personal essay/memoir, visuals, book reviews and scholarly essays for a general audience. From the Iliad to The Hurt Locker to The Things They Carried, war and art have reflected one another. It is this intersection of war and art that WLA seeks to illuminate. All content is available online to the general public.

Folio Editions of War, Literature & the Arts

Published online and in print every spring, WLA Folios is a themed issue which complements and magnifies the annual journal while staking out new ground. Distinguished contributors are asked to consider the issue’s theme and its many manifestations, voices, reflections, corruptions, memories, and aspirations.

2017 Folios: Peace

Sixteen selections explore peace and its many manifestations, voices, reflections, corruptions, memories, and aspirations.

2018 Folios: Body

Thirteen distinguished contributors consider the body and its many manifestations, voices, reflections, corruptions, memories, and aspirations.


David L. Jannetta Lecture in War, Literature & the Arts

Endowed by United States Air Force Academy graduate David L. Jannetta, the Jannetta Lecture brings to the school respected writers and artists who have contributed to our understanding of war.


A [Digital] Magazine of Cadet Creative Works

The spirit and passion of Icarus is displayed throughout this journal from numerous creative, talented cadets. Though we may attend a school that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math, the liberal arts are very much alive throughout the campus. The love and study of liberal arts are not bound to certain declared majors and areas of scholarship. The authors and artists in this year’s Icarus range from Mechanical Systems Engineering majors to Management majors to English majors.

Stalag Luft III
A Legacy Website

Developed in the mid-1990s, this early attempt at creating an online museum tells the story of prisoners incarcerated at the Stalag Luft III prisoner of war camp. which was made famous in the 1963 movie The Great Escape. The material in this web site resides in the U.S. Air Force Academy Library’s Special Collections, and was selected, organized, and processed by three Academy cadets taking a series of independent study courses from the Department of English and Fine Arts.

Preserving Icarus
A Cadet Project by C1C Macy Miller and C1C Jacqueline Parker

Our team is collecting every copy of Icarus, the Air Force Academy Cadet Creative Writing and Art publication, and digitizing it for further analysis. We plan to scan in every page of each copy from 1965 to present day. Then, using a number of different textual analysis computer programs, we will conduct an analysis of the work. For example, we will be looking for changes in the cadet’s writing around the years when the first class of women entered the Academy. Or, when was the journal taken over and run solely by cadets. Or, how were cadets portraying the effects of 9/11 in their writing. The analysis may change as the project unfolds. But that is the fun of the project. So far, almost every interaction with the journals raises a new question. Something more to uncover. Which, makes us all very excited for the project!

Prisoner of War Memoirs of World War II, the European Theatre
an online database established by Tamara Miner Haygood, Lindsay Liles, and William Newmiller

This searchable database contains published memoirs, diaries, journals, and autobiographies of World War II in Western Europe and North Africa written by members of the various combatants’ armed forces who were captured and spent time as prisoners of war. Originally published as an online feature in War, Literature & the Arts.

The Navajo Code Talkers of World War II
A Documentary by John R. Farley

This documentary includes interviews with Navajo Code Talkers and local  historians from Gallup, New Mexico.  Original footage was filmed in and around Gallup, New Mexico.

Into the Mouth of the Cat: The Lance P. Sijan Documentary
Produced by John R. Farley

This documentary tells the story of Lance P. Sijan, the first Air Force Academy graduate to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Based on Malcom McConnel’s book, Into the Mouth of the Cat, the film includes archival material from the Air Force Academy and interviews with Sijan’s family, teachers, friends, and comrades in arms.